Going away on holidays or visiting loved ones is very exciting. The worst part of a road trip is having to travel the long distance in a cramped and with no comfort. I have looked into your ultimate guide to luxury bus travel in this blog.

Wouldn’t the experience be more amazing if you didn’t have to worry about driving yourself and having someone else do this for you. Imagine sitting on a bus or coach with comfortable reclining seats and all that you would need to do is just rest and enjoy the view.

The reasons that bus travel is popular by travelers is that firstly you usually leave late at night and arrive early in the morning which gives you at least an extra day or two of sightseeing rather than having to transfer and wait at airports. Secondly, the majority of overland travel including trains and buses can be cheaper than flying.

Bus or coach travel these days are very popular as the updates and features made to these forms of transport are now very advanced with taking into  consideration the consumers need for comfort.

Larger companies have incorporated many features on their buses such as super comfortable reclining seating, air conditioning, spacious room, free Wi-Fi, onboard restrooms, reading lights, TV screens and panoramic views.

An internationally recognised company in Australia providing super comfortable seats is Sege Seats. They are renowned for producing modern design, dedicated support, high quality, ultra-comfortable seating. Sege Seats have also kept up with the current COVID 19 situation and now also provide a COVID-19 bus seat separator. Riding in a bus can be an uncomfortable experience for many especially due to COVID-19 pandemic, due to overcrowding and the hassles of getting on and off the vehicle while other people are trying to accomplish the same feat.

Consider booking a bus trip around your on of your favourite cities in Europe. For example, you can book a luxury bus travel from Istanbul to Fethiye. I did one a few years back and was immediately impressed by the service on this overnight trip. The seats reclined more than most economy seats on airlines and were fitted with a small TV screen.

Once seated we were offered traditional Turkish tea plus a range of snacks. This continued throughout the night whenever we stopped. There was also an onboard lavatory which was bonus.

Settling in with a book I managed to read and then had the luxury of being able to sleep. The bus driver was very experienced and made the drive so smooth and comfortable so how could you not sleep.

Travelling on land is such a wonderful experience as you get to see so many parts of the countryside and the scenic coast. The large windows and comfortable temperature inside the bus allowed you to peacefully take in the beautiful surroundings. Being able to stretch out your feet after a stopover and enjoy a refreshing beverage made the ride all that more enjoyable.

The storage and baggage area were quite generous also. When we had our stop overs in the little towns, our baggage size seemed to grow. It was hard to resist not buying little trinkets and gifts along the way. The food was also divine, especially the different cheeses and fresh produce. Once back at our bus, the bus cabin crew were very friendly and catered to our needs not hesitating to assist us repack our bags and store them away again. After all we couldn’t leave without all our goodies.

Another memory I had was that the bus driver also spoke to us over the microphone when we were about to approach some great tourist places and landmarks. He was fluent in English and was quite a funny guy and times trying to crack some jokes.

I wouldn’t hesitate to take another luxury bus travel around one of my favourite cities again. Having had this wonderful experience on my bus travel in Turkey with comfortable reclining seats and all the other added luxuries.

So, if you’re wondering how you would want to travel around your next holiday destination, consider booking your trip on a bus and then simply enjoy the experience.

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