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It’s important for trucks to have high-quality and safety-certified quality truck driver seats to maintain a comfortable ride for their drivers, even if they’re in a very safe mode of transport.

Having high-quality and safety-certified truck driver seats can provide much-needed relief from back pain after a long drive. Comfortable and supportive seats can improve posture and reduce the strain on the lower back, preventing long-term damage.

It is also highly recommended that truck driver seats come with Lumbar Support as well as the option to adjust the height and shock absorption. Additionally, it is worth considering the various materials used for seat covers.

With no compromises on quality, Sege Seats is dedicated to creating truck drivers with the most comfortable truck seating, right down to the trim of the fabric and the engineering of the material inside the seat. 

One of the main concerns for truck drivers is back sweat while driving for long hours. Sege Seats understands this issue and has developed ways to avoid it. With our unique ventilation system, Sege Seats allows air to flow through the seat, reducing sweat build-up and keeping drivers cool and comfortable.

The truck driver seat design at Truck Driver Seats is constantly being improved, as we believe the feedback and suggestions provided by our customers are of significant value.

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Avantgarde Driver Seat

The Avantgarde has been designed with quality and comfort in mind while adhering to the Australian Standard ADR68.

 This particular seat is modified by Sege Seats with the following advantages:

  • Seatback Adjustment in small states
  • Fore and aft Adjustment, 200 mm in stages of 5mm.
  • Quick Deflation, for easy entrance and exit
  • Seatback Adjustment, 3 to 7

Avantgarde Plus Truck driver seats

Sege Seats is making it easier for truck drivers to drive. The current technology, combined with truck drivers’ experiences, allows Sege Seats to provide your driver with the best truck drivers seats available for trucks. A truck driver can expect improved support to the lower back along with superior ergonomic comfort.

How much better could it be than providing your truck driver with a seat of the best quality? Your journey will be smooth and enjoyable if your driver is pleased with the seat.

Avantgarde Plus Truck Driver has been redesigned specifically for all of your truck drivers so they can have the comfort and quality design they deserve. 

Some of the key features include:

  • Height Adjustment can be adjusted according to to the request within 90mm
  • Shock Absorber Adjustment, Soft to Hard
  • Adjustable seat depth 50 mm

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Truck Driver Seat Specialists

Sege Seats is achieving success while remaining an innovative and client-oriented company. It is a testament to the quality of our products and the integrity and service of our dedicated team. Hence, Our commitments to quality and safety have made Sege Seats the major force and market leader in the extremely specialised area of Truck Driver seating. For a world-class truck Driver Seat that provides you with the utmost comfort and designed with the best quality, follow us on Instagram.

Working alongside Bus Drivers and experienced drivers, Sege Seats have engineered the Avantgarde Plus Elektrikli, which has been designed based on the feedback provided by Bus Drivers. Some of the features include:

  • Backrest cover
  • Fore and aft Adjustment
  • Quick Deflation
  • Seatback Adjustment
  • Integrated 3P otomatic seatbelt

Avantgarde Plus Seats

Sege Seats has been working on an all-new Avantgarde Plus which features various things along with providing safety and comfort to truck drivers. Sege Seats understand the importance of having an ergonomically designed truck Driver Seat to prevent and relieve back and spinal injury, while at the same time maximising safety for the driver.  Products and components are also certified to Australian Design Regulations and internationally recognized standards.Using state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes, Sege Seats is one of the top truck driver seat manufacturers in Australia because of its solid reputation and vast experience.

Some features include:

  • Seat Back Adjustment in small states
  • Height Adjustment can be adjusted according to the request in 90mm
  • Shock Absorber Adjustment, Soft to Hard
  • Pneumatic Lumbar Support and Side Blaster
  • Seat Heating

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opt for our truck seats with adjustable features, including seat height, angle, and lumbar support. Customizing your seat’s position to suit your body’s needs can significantly enhance comfort and reduce fatigue on lengthy journeys.

Our truck driver seats designed for various body sizes offer adjustable components to cater to individual preferences. Look for models with customizable options to accommodate drivers of different heights and builds, ensuring comfort for everyone.

Prioritize our truck driver seats with adjustable lumbar support, seat height, and tilt settings. Look for models offering customizable options to tailor the seat to your unique body shape, minimizing discomfort on the road.

Our heated and ventilated truck seats provide comfort in varying weather conditions. Heated seats warm you in winter, and ventilated options keep you cool in summer, ensuring year-round driving comfort.

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