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Why Sege Seats ?

We continue to provide development and sustainability in the Automotive Seat manufacturing and supply process with innovative and technological changes to provide our clients with the ultimate quality and comfort which is our achievement.

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We manufacture not only seats but comfort and safety. Sege Seats manufactures commercial seats in the automotive industry, for buses, cars, miltary planes etc.

The story of Sege started with the production of the first seats initiated in 1999 in their initial workshop.

Sege Seats currently manufactures 26,000 seats per month in Turkey and is a worldwide leader in its brand.

Quality is not an objective but an achievement. Our processes  require continuous development and sustainability by providing high quality application solutions to its customers.

Sege Seats focuses on continuous developments in order to keep leading the the pace with innovative and technological changes and maintains developing structure of the automotive industry that it proudly serves.

Sege Seats has officially proven its high standards with a (IATF 16949 2016) quality management certificate and is committed to customer focus and productivity ensuring quality and sustainability.

While aiming at producing the most high quality products at reasonable prices, Sege Seats supplies to over 40 countries worldwide.

Sege Seats, Worldwide leader in quality Seats, right here in Australia!