School Bus Seats

Our School Bus Seats are made with road safety as a focus. Sege Seats are known for the integration of tradition and technical know-how with innovation and creativity. So, it is our mission to be client-focused and responsive to their needs. Hence, seating systems manufactured by Sege Seats distinguish themselves with their high quality and sophisticated technology. Also, contemporary design seats while meeting the highest requirements both in safety and passenger seating comfort.

At Sege Seats, we focus mainly on the safety of students (school bus seats) and along with the bus Driver. The School Bus Seats are made with the highest quality along with being the most comfortable on the market. This enables children to stay seated during the entire ride they’re on the bus. This safety feature is enough even without seat belts in certain areas of the country.

We not only prioritise the safety of students and bus drivers but also the overall capacity of school buses. Understanding the maximum capacity of a school bus in Australia is crucial in ensuring that our seats are designed to accommodate the appropriate number of students. We take into account the specific regulations and guidelines set by Australian authorities to ensure that our seats provide optimal safety and comfort while adhering to the maximum capacity standards.

The continuous development being put in to support the future of the children assure every parent and guardian that when their child is going on a bus, whether it’s an excursion or simply just to school, the children are perfectly safe and comfortable in our very own School Bus Seats.

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School Students

Although focusing on safety for children is a great thing, we also focus on keeping the teens in the high school safe. With our new School Bus Seats, we have developed and tested the seats in order to suit the needs of the growing teens. Quality is not an object but an accomplishment. Our processes require continuous improvement and sustainability by providing high-quality application solutions to our customers. Sege Seats processes its quality management system with the frame of continuous developments in order to keep the pace with innovative and technological fast-changing and developing structure of the automotive industry that it serves. Keep an eye on our Instagram Page for more Deals and Specials.

We aim to continue providing development and sustainability in the Automotive Seat manufacturers and supply process. This is for the constant innovative and technological changing industry. Which provides our clients with the ultimate quality and comfort that’s an achievement.

School Bus Seat Belts

The School Bus Seats come with a seat belt that is designed to fit the size of your child. It comes with a buckle and a strap so you can adjust the length according to your child’s height. We make sure that the belts are adjustable to ensure that the kids will always feel secure and safe.

Sege Seats Core Deliverables

Modern Design

So, today’s bus seat boasts all the modern features and designs.

High Quality

Also, high quality seat belted seats with a wide range of different designs.

Ultra Comfort

In addition, comfort and quality that most travellers would expect.

Dedicated Support

Above all, Sege Seats provides quality and reliable service support.

100% Deliverable

Another, latest in production techniques allow us to offer far superior products.

Internationally Recognised

Lastly, we aim to be a globally competitive supplier to all aspects of seating industry.

Sege Seats. Supplier of Quality and Comfort!

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