Premium Boat Seats

Sege Seats Asia Pacific offers the widest variety of the finest boat seats in Australia. We provide the highest quality and longest-lasting boat seats for any type and price of vessel. Whether you need replacement boat seats Australia, an upgrade for your existing system, or to furnish your brand new boat, we have the best boat seats Australia to serve your needs.

High-Quality Boat Seats Australia

Upgrade your boating experience with our premium boat seats in Australia. At Sege Seats, we attain success while embracing innovation and client-centric approaches. This achievement reflects both our product quality and the dedicated team’s integrity and service.

Sege Seats’ firm quality and safety commitment establishes it as a leader in Australia’s boat seating market. Experience the epitome of comfort and superior quality through our world-class boat seats. Follow us on Instagram for updates. Explore our product range and blogs section for more insights.

Sege Seats has enhanced this specific seat, offering the following advantages:

  • Seatback Adjustment in small states
  • Fore and aft Adjustment, 200 mm in stages of 5mm.
  • Quick Deflation, for easy entrance and exit
  • Seatback Adjustment, 3 to 7
A row of padded, upholstered seats inside a boat. These boat seats are arranged in a row facing forward.
A row of metal boats chairs.

Upgrade Your Boat with the Best Boat Chairs 

Australian consumers trust in boat chairs, which are made to be able to withstand the rough marine conditions that are well known throughout the country. We make our chairs out of top grade UV degradation-resistant materials that can stand strong against the Australian sun rays and salty ocean spray, so that your chairs will never be in the position to receive cracks or fades.

Furthermore, our boat furniture product is primarily made with the purpose to ensure the item would not be damaged easily day after day. This implies that you will get the lifetime of comfortable boating without changing the seats because there is a lack of proper picture of boating.

But functionality isn’t everything we do. Be it experienced or a novice, we realise that all boaters have unique demands. Therefore, gaining the trust of the boaters makes Sege Seats provide a broad range of boat seats the market in Australia to match the various different requirements. 

Discover a Wide Variety of Boat Seats for Sale in Australia

Extensive Inventory of Boat Seats:

Sege Seats Asia Pacific has a vast range of boat seats on offer to supply this part of the world. From classic to modernised, from polyester to vinyl, from single to multiple pieces – we have everything to fit your boat and pocket. If you’re looking for high-quality leather seats, practical vinyl, or even folding seats for space saving solutions, we have got the ideal boat seat for your needs.

Customisable Boat Seating Solutions:

For Sege Seats Asia Pacific, Australia is where it offers its standard and custom boat seats as well. As our team of professionals we will come up with your personalised boat seats which fit your particular demands and likings.

Explore the Advantages of Our Boat Bench Seats

  • Space Optimisation: Sege Seats Asia Pacific designs and manufactures various boat bench seats of its own kind, including those that fold down and ones with integrated storage compartments, for the purpose of being practical and multi-functional.
  • Enhanced Social Interaction: Rowboat bench seats are designed for interaction and conversations among passengers. People may sit together, on the other hand, in group seating, which is an additional benefit for an enjoyable boating experience, and this is fantastic for creating the best memories with friends and relatives.
  • Improved Safety: Some bench seats come with the added features of integrated cups holders or armrests that help to avoid spilling and have armrests for passengers to hold on during rough waters. This can be a very important safety feature as well, especially for families that have kids.

Signs You Need New Boat Seats in Australia

Do the wear and tear on your present boat seats seem to be a consistent problem? Here are some indicators that it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Faded or cracked upholstery: Exposure from sun rays, can make the upholstery on boat seats change color, or experience cracks or a brittle consistency. In addition to the degradation of the appearance of your boat, it can become quite uneasy.
  • Loose or broken components: For instance, hinges, swivel mechanisms, and armrests might come off over time or may even break completely all together. You might have problems with the seats functionality and safety as a result.
  • Decreased comfort: If your current seat cushions fail to offer proper support or comfort, it’s time to upgrade.

How Sege Seats Asia Pacific Can Help Take Care of Your Boat Seat

Sege Seats Asia Pacific is not only a manufacturer of boat seats, but we also offer ongoing care services to make sure your investment stays in tip-top shape for years. Our knowledgeable staff can give you the right advice on how often to clean, maintain and repair your boat seats so that they can last longer. 

In addition, our inventory includes a line of specialty marine upholstery cleansers that are tailor-made to preserve the look of your seats. And when any sudden damage takes place, our skilled professionals will gladly fix your boat seats, thereby ensuring their optimal functionality and splendor, so you can always have more thrilling adventures on water.

The Process of Our Boat Seating Installation in Australia 

  • Selection: With that in mind, our staff will help you with choosing the right seats for your vessel; we will take a look at size, functionality, and comfort level.
  • Customisation: We are able to tete-a-tete with you regarding modifications that you want including upholstery material, colour scheme or any extra features.
  • Installation: Our team of qualified technicians will fit your new boat seats with professional expertise, assuring you a dependable and error-free installation.

Why Choose Sege Seats Asia Pacific to Get the Job Done

By choosing Sege Seats Asia Pacific for boat seating, you gain access to a wealth of benefits that take your boating to a whole new level. To begin with, you will be treated to the best comfort and style only available to you. The Australian boat seats we make are of the highest quality with all the latest features and smart designs. 

Secondly, Sege Seats give you more durability than you can imagine. We comprehend the harshness of the Australian marine environment therefore our seats are made to endure weather. 

In the end, you will get variety and the customisability. We have seats in stock that can satisfy different needs and many of them are customisable to your particular design and requirements. This guarantees that you’ll find the exact one that will enhance both the style and the functionality of your boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular cleaning and maintenance routines help prolong the life of boating seats, ensuring durability. We have also published a detailed post on how to clean boat seats. Read it FYI.

Our boat seats can be customised to match your vessel’s interior, enhancing aesthetics and personalising your boating space. We have a wide range of colours to choose from.

Yes, we have foldable or compact boat seat options available at Sege Seats for space-efficient solutions, ideal for boats with limited room.

Individual and bench-style seats cater to preferences, with bench seats maximising seating capacity and individual seats offering personal space.

Upgrade Your Boating Comfort with Sege Seats!

Discover the perfect blend of style and durability in our premium boat seats for sale. Crafted for unrivalled comfort and built to withstand the elements, Sege Seats redefine your on-water experience. Elevate your boat’s aesthetics and functionality—choose Sege Seats and make every journey a luxurious adventure. Upgrade today!