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Bus Seats Armadale


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Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale

COVID-19 Bus Seat Separator

Riding in a bus can be an uncomfortable experience for many especially due to COVID-19 pandemic. Overcrowding and the hassles of getting on and off the vehicle with others trying to accomplish the same feat can be a task. What makes the experience even worse is being forced to sit in worn-out seats. Due to heavy use, passenger bus seats can sustain a lot of wear and tear in a surprisingly short window of time—literally hundreds of people might ride in one of these vehicles over a typical day. Our inventory of replacement passenger seats for buses includes a wide variety of models, including high back foldaway bus seats and a COVID-19 bus seat separator.

The COVID-19 bus seat separator come with a range of comfortable features, depending on the specific model selected. In addition, Sege Seats provides COVID-19 compliant buses and COVID-19 buses ready. Features may include deep side bolsters, backrests, wire mesh seat springs, three-point seat belts, high-back seats, flip-up arms, and other design elements. From flip seats to jump seats, our catalog has models for passenger buses, paratransit buses, and shuttle buses. We also have high-quality bus seat slipcovers. With all these technical features, we are confident to provide safe travel buses and bus seat hygiene.

Sege Seats’ COVID-19 Bus Seats

Our COVID-19 bus seat separator series features a contoured seat cushion and an ergonomic backrest for maximum comfort. Its headrest is specially designed and crafted to help achieve better passenger privacy. Wide range of colour variations and options necessary for today’s buses and coaches are available. Sege Seats stocks a wide variety of COVID-19 bus seat separator. We work with multiple manufacturers to offer you a bus seat for every application. We carry and distribute transit bus seats, tour bus seats, church bus seats, family bus seats, limousine bus seats, and many more.

Sege Seats also offer used bus seats for sale as we know that you may not want to pay top dollar for new seats. We stock bus seat accessories, including arm rests, fabric, covers, foot rests, trays, cup holders, and much more. So, if you’re in the market for just a quick update rather than an entire new vehicle we offer many tools that can help you give your bus or van an updated, new look and feel. Our staff has an eye for what a bus may need to look it’s best and they are here to help you through this decision process of purchasing bus seats for sale.

Our Factory / Showroom

We are your verified quality supplier of High Quality Sege Seats in the Asia Pacific Region. Our facilities include professional engineering and design personnel.

Most noteworthy, Sega Seats is the trusted and leading manufacturer of passenger seats for commercial vehicles in the Automotive industry with its key focus on Buses.

ADR-68 Approved

In addition, all Sege Seats are Australian Standards ADR-68 Approved. So, our products and components are certified and recognised.

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Sege Seats Core Deliverables

Modern Design

So, today’s bus seat boasts all the modern features and designs.

High Quality

Also, high quality seat belted seats with a wide range of different designs.

Ultra Comfort

In addition, comfort and quality that most travellers would expect.

Dedicated Support

Above all, Sege Seats provides quality and reliable service support.

100% Deliverable

Another, latest in production techniques allow us to offer far superior products.

Internationally Recognised

Lastly, we aim to be a globally competitive supplier to all aspects of seating industry.

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