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Road vacations are popular, and Sege Seats Motorhome Seats make them even more enjoyable. Motorhome seats, RV seats, captain’s chairs, aftermarket motorhome seats, leather lounges, replacement parts, and accessories are all available at Sege Seats Australia. Sege Seats is one of the major distributors of Superior Seating products, with the goal of helping you maximise the space in your vehicle without sacrificing comfort.

We offer a full range of quality brands for every make and model of RV, including Summit Seating as an exclusive supplier. Moreover, we recommend that the driver’s seat be fitted with a custom fit so that it can be adjusted individually to suit each person’s needs which is ideal for those with back problems. For more information follow us on Facebook.

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Motorhome Seat Specialist

Sege Seats specialises in seating for motorhomes and RVs. Everything from Captain’s chairs to Co-seats, Pilot’s leather lounges, aftermarket motorhome seats, spare parts, and accessories, all made expressly for RVs, are available for purchase. Motorhome Seats offers a wide range of turntable alternatives as well. The turntables can be used by both drivers and passengers to exit the vehicle.

Our seats come in a variety of colours and finishes, and each one may be customised to provide a safe and pleasant ride while meeting all safety regulations. We offer a wide choice of excellent brands for every make and model of RV. The driver’s seat should be supplied with a custom fit so that it may be modified uniquely to meet each person’s demands, which is great for individuals with back difficulties. In addition to driving chairs, we have a selection of sofas that may be converted into beds. They are developed specifically for RVs and are designed to maximise space without sacrificing comfort.



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