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Road vacations remain popular, and Sege Seats’ Caravan motorhome seats enhance the experience. You can find caravan seats, RV seats, captains’ chairs, car motorhome seats, leather lounge seats, replacement parts, and accessories at Sege Seats Australia.

Sege Seats delivers superior seating solutions for caravans, motorhomes, and campervans.

Our goal is to optimize modern caravan space while prioritizing comfort, offering a range of high-quality caravan seats.

We present a full range of quality brands for all RV makes and models, including exclusive supplier Summit Seating.

Additionally, we recommend custom-fitting the driver’s seat for individual adjustments, especially beneficial for those with back issues.

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Motorhome Seats for Drivers & Passengers

Motorhome Seat Specialist

Sege Seats specializes in motorhome and RV seating, offering options from front seats like Captain’s chairs to co-seats, leather lounges, passenger seats, aftermarket motorhome seats, spare parts, and accessories – all tailored for RVs.

Our motorhome seats also provide various turntable alternatives for both drivers and passengers to exit the vehicle conveniently.

Our seats are available in different colors and finishes, each customizable to ensure a safe and comfortable ride while adhering to safety regulations, including seat belts and child restraints. We offer a selection of seats from top brands, catering to every RV make and model.

For the driver’s seat, a custom fit is recommended for unique modifications to suit individual needs, especially beneficial for those with back issues.

Aside from driver’s chairs, we offer sofas convertible into beds, designed specifically for RVs, maximizing space without compromising comfort.

For classic caravan seat replacements, please reach us at +61 2 9727 0440 or explore our product range here.

Image presents motorhome seats and caravan seats
Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting motorhome caravan seats, prioritize comfort and durability. Look for options with ergonomic design and quality materials to ensure a relaxing and enduring journey.

Our seats can offer additional storage and functionality, catering to the unique needs of travelers on the road.