Bus Driver Seats

bus driver seats

Bus Driver Seats

Although buses are a safe mode of transportation, it is necessary to keep your driver comfortable in their very own bus driver’s seat. It is essential that the passengers are kept safe, however, it is crucial for the passengers that the bus driver is safe and comfortable in their bus driver seat.

Bus driver seats should provide Lumbar Support along with the ability to adjust the height and alter the shock adjustment. This ensures the safety of all the passengers on the bus along with the bus driver. At Sege Seats, we aim to provide bus drivers with the best quality bus seats from the trimming of the fabric all the way to the engineering of the material within the seat. Because we believe in feedback and advice given by our customers, we continuously innovating the way our seats look and feel. Also, check out truck seats here.

Avantgarde Driver Seat

The Avantgarde Provides Quality and Comfort, all the while adhering to the Australian Standards ADR68. At Sege Seats, we have tweaked this particular Seat to have the following advantages:

  • Seatback Adjustment in small sates
  • Fore and aft Adjustment, 200 mm iun stages of 5mm.
  • Quick Deflation, for easy entrance and exit
  • Seatback Adjustment, 3 to 7

Bus Driver Seats Specialists

Sege Seats is achieving success while remaining an innovative and client-oriented company. It is a testament to the quality of our products and the integrity and service of our dedicated team.

Hence, Our commitments to quality and safety have made Sege Seats the major force and market leader in the extremely specialised area of Bus Driver seating. For a world-class bus driver seat that provides you with the utmost comfort and designed with the best quality, follow us on Instagram.

Working alongside Bus Drivers and experienced drivers, Sege Seats have engineered the Avantgarde Plus Electric, which has been designed based on the feedback provided by Bus Drivers. Some of the features include:

  • Backrest cover
  • Fore and aft Adjustment
  • Quick Deflation
  • Seatback Adjustment
  • Integrated 3P automatic seatbelt

New and Improved Bus Driver Seats

Sege Seats aims to create a comfortable experience for both passengers and the bus driver. What is better than providing your bus driver with the best quality bus driver seat? If your driver is happy with the seat then that is a big assurance the journey will be smooth all the way to your destination.

Based on Bus Driver’s experiences and the current technology provided to man, Sege Seats is working through a whole new approach in providing your driver with the best bus driver seats available. These include enhanced support to the lower back, superior ergonomic comfort, this ensures the bus driver is certain to have a comfortable ride over a long journey. For more information follow us on Facebook.

The all-new Avantgarde Plus Bus driver has been redesigned specifically for all the bus drivers out there, providing your bus driver with the utmost comfort and quality design available. Some of the key features include:

  • Height Adjustment can be adjusted according to to the request within 90mm
  • Shock Absorber Adjustment, Soft to Hard
  • Adjustable seat depth 50 mm

Sege Seats History

Driver Seats are Sege Seats top priority when it comes to all the seats we manufacture. Sege Seats Began in the year 1999 where the first delivery was made in May of that same year. Due to our experience and longevity in the Bus Driver seat business, we pride ourselves on listening to what our customers have to say about our products.

Moreover, with this great customer relationship we are continuously able to innovate and design the best bus driver seats out there. Furthermore, bus drivers from all over have seen our role within the Bus Driver seat field and are working alongside us in developing remarkable seats.

Sege Seats has been working on the Avantgarde Electric. These new driver seats provide all the comfort needs of a bus driver. Some features include:

  • Active Nead Restraint
  • Armest R/L
  • Lumbar Support and Side Blaster
  • Seat Heating
  • Backrest cover

Design and Innovation

Innovation in Bus Driver seat development has come a long way since 1999, and all the current results are remarkable. Moreover, Sege Seats recognises the importance of having a comfortable ergonomic bus driver seat in preventing and easing back and spinal injuries, all the while maximising driver and passenger safety.

Along with Sege Seats solid reputation and vast experience combined with state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques, we are one of the best bus driver seats manufacturer in Australia. In addition, products and components are certified to Australian Design Regulations and recognised standards.

Avantgarde Plus Seats

Sege Seats has been working on an all-new Avantgarde Plus which features various things along with providing safety and comfort to bus drivers. Some features include:

  • Seatback Adjustment in small states
  • Height Adjustment can be adjusted according to the request in 90mm
  • Shock Absorber Adjustment, Soft to Hard
  • Pneumatic Lumbar Support and Side Blaster
  • Seat Heating
Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustable armrests and controls in bus driver seats enhance functionality for Australia’s drivers, providing customized comfort and convenience during operations.

Innovations in our bus driver seat designs aim to minimize driver fatigue in Australia, incorporating ergonomic features that enhance overall well-being.

Our seats for bus driver meet stringent comfort and safety standards in Australia, prioritizing driver satisfaction and well-being for a safer driving experience.