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Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale


Bus Seats Armadale

Electric Bus Seats

Sege Seats is the manufacturer, distributor, and installation service provider of electric bus seats in the Asia Pacific. Electric Buses are the future of transportation.

We understand that futuristic ideas need looks that match their intentions. With seat adjustment and advance seat heating features, we stay ahead of all bus seat providers with Avantgarde Electric.

Lumbar support and side blaster are just the beginning when it comes to the latest electric bus seats.  Armrest and quick deflation feature also make us the best. When it comes to supplying and installing bus seats, we are unmatched.

Contact the best electric seat provider in the Asia Pacific today!

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Sege Seats Core Deliverables

Modern Design

So, today’s bus seat boasts all the modern features and designs.

High Quality

Also, high quality seat belted seats with a wide range of different designs.

Ultra Comfort

In addition, comfort and quality that most travellers would expect.

Dedicated Support

Above all, Sege Seats provides quality and reliable service support.

100% Deliverable

Another, latest in production techniques allow us to offer far superior products.

Internationally Recognised

Lastly, we aim to be a globally competitive supplier to all aspects of seating industry.

Sege Seats. Supplier of Quality and Comfort!

Production of Seats per month
Positive feedback
Countries Supplied Worldwide
ADR-68 Approved

Call us today on +61 2 9727 0440
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