Sege Seats (Asia Pacific) serves as the verified quality supplier of high-quality seats to the Asia Pacific Region, encompassing Australia, New Zealand, North America, Brazil, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

As a manufacturer within the Automotive industry, we specialize in passenger seats for commercial vehicles, with a particular emphasis on buses.

Sege Testimonial

Kangaroo Bus Lines

Switching to Sege:

Four years ago, Kangaroo Bus Lines adopted Sege seats for its coaches and now stands unwavering in this choice.

Not long ago, Darren Webster encountered Sege Asia Pacific’s seats through Irizar Asia/Pacific, which incorporated them into their buses. Now, these seats feel like a lifetime companion due to their exceptional quality.

Webster, the General Manager of Kangaroo Bus Lines, instantly recognized the superior quality of Sege’s products. “Compared to past seats, Sege seats were notably superior in comfort and serviceability,” Webster shared.

Webster, a trade mechanic, appreciated the ease of accessing seats by Sege, essential for maintenance.

After witnessing Sege’s seats on an Irizar coach, Webster visited Sege’s showroom. Soon after, Kangaroo Bus Lines equipped its coaches with Sege passenger seats, including luxurious seats with seatbelts.

Presently, nine Kangaroo Bus Lines coaches feature Sege seats. Webster’s company offers diverse services—school, urban, long-distance touring, and more. These seats streamline operations on uniform coaches.

Webster affirms Sege Seats Asia Pacific as the preferred choice. The driving force behind this choice is positive customer feedback.

Webster’s relationship with Sege began before COVID-19 when a Custom Denning coach was fitted with these seats, prompting customer praise. Sturdiness and comfort made them ideal for trips.

Beyond comfort and durability, Webster appreciates Sege’s customizability, accommodating passenger needs. Webster cites flip-down trays and USB ports, which have impressed passengers.

Sege Seats’ motto of customizable comfort is evident. Lance Taskin, Sege Seats Asia Pacific’s director, underscores innovation, reflecting Sege’s commitment to evolving coach seat technology.

Sege adapted to the industry’s shift, crafting lightweight seats for electric bus and coach models, reflecting their innovative prowess.

The enduring relationship between Sege and Kangaroo Bus Lines continues to thrive. Taskin reveals ongoing trials of Sege’s new coach driver and school seats.

Taskin cherishes customizing seats for Webster’s fleet. Sege’s website offers clients an array of products in various colors and attachments, showcasing their capabilities.

Taskin envisions a future improving quality, comfort, and safety technology in these seats. The partnership endures, driven by a shared pursuit of excellence.

This ongoing collaboration between Sege and Kangaroo Bus Lines is a testament to their shared commitment to excellence.

Taskin highlights the website’s new feature, allowing customers to explore Sege’s diverse product offerings. This interactive platform showcases the flexibility of Sege’s seat configurations, emphasizing their dedication to tailored solutions.

Since their entry into the Australian market in 2013, Sege has continuously sought ways to enhance their products. Taskin’s team consistently pushes the boundaries of quality, comfort, and safety technology embedded within their seats.

As Sege Seats forges ahead, their agility is evident in addressing industry trends. Their lightweight seat innovation, catering to electric bus and coach models, underscores their responsiveness to evolving needs.

Webster, from Kangaroo Bus Lines, encapsulates the partnership’s essence. Seats by Sege have seamlessly integrated into their operations, serving as a cornerstone of consistency and satisfaction for both passengers and operators.

In this ongoing journey of innovation and collaboration, Sege Seats Asia Pacific and Kangaroo Bus Lines continue to reshape the landscape of comfortable and customizable coach seating.

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