Military Seats

Sege Seats offers military seats and products from prominent manufacturers like Stratos, ProTEK, and BE-GE, complemented by Australian-made APV harnesses.

Our military seats are easily detachable and transportable to our workshops for repairs. Our brands provide diverse options for driver/commander seats, crew seats, turret slings, and ROPs units that adhere to safety and blast protection standards.

In combat zones, vehicle armor alone cannot shield troops from IEDs or land mines. Shockwaves from blasts cause injuries and fatalities within the vehicle’s enclosure.

Sege Seats’ military seats mitigate shockwave forces by absorbing them, significantly reducing harm to soldiers and enhancing occupants’ survival.

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Military Seat Specialist

Sege Seats is achieving success while remaining an innovative and client-oriented company. It is a testament to the quality of our products and the integrity and service of our dedicated team.Β 

This Military seat is modified by Sege Seats with the following advantages:

  • Suitable for multi-vehicle applications
  • Weather protection from UV, rain, snow, sleet, dust
  • Barriers to heat
  • Reduction of the IR signature
  • Corrosion reduction
  • The material is durable and lightweight
  • Towel bar with forwarding and backward movement
  • Recliner
  • Contoured back
  • Slide track with a fore and aft movement of 6.75 inches
  • Using a 4-point seatbelt
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our seats encompass a range of options for military, from driver/commander seats to crew seats, each adhering to rigorous safety standards and blast protection requirements.

Our seats mitigate the impact of shockwaves during explosions, reducing injuries and enhancing soldiers’ survivability in combat scenarios.