Are Sege Seats Safe and Sound For Children?

Safety in any vehicle is the most important thing to consider, especially for children. Sege Seats is one of the most trusted brands for safety, and our products are known for being reliable and sturdy. With a variety of different seats to choose from, there is sure to be a Sege Seat that will fit your child’s needs and keep them safe while on the road. The school bus of today has come a long way from the buses of the past. A whole host of features ranging from tracking equipment, onboard cameras, and seat belts are just a few features that can be found inside a bus. This system is meant to enhance both driver performance and student safety. Because thousands of these cars transport pupils of all ages from home to school and back, again, this technology is absolutely necessary.

Sege Bus Seats

We concentrate on the safety of children and the driver at Sege Seats. We manufacture bus seats for different types of buses. We have a wide variety of bus seats to fit almost any bus. The materials and features used in our bus seats are made to withstand the everyday wear and tear of public transportation. The team at Sege Seats is dedicated to ensuring your child’s safety while travelling. We know how important it is to you and your family, so we offer a variety of products that will meet your needs.

General Safety Rules for Children

  1. The bus driver should be able to see your child clearly without risking any unanticipated accidents as a result of being in a blind spot. Your child should be standing at least ten paces behind the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and he or she must always be there before it arrives. This way, your youngster will not hurry to the bus stop, where he or she would face hazards if they are in a hurry.
  2. When your child enters the bus, it is important that they sit down right away, and stay facing forward. This way, it’s less likely that your child will fall and injure themselves. They’ll be able to brace for any accidents if they’re facing forward and can see anything approaching them.
  3. On the bus, don’t allow your youngster to eat or drink. They should eat and consume water in their own homes, where they are more secure. Not only is it safer, but it also lowers the risk of choking. When travelling, food should not be eaten. There are inclines on the road that might almost guarantee to choke. Eliminating any possible injuries while travelling is the best way to ensure safety.
  4. The driver is the most important person on the bus. Ensuring that your child does not distract the driver and is always following the driver’s instructions is another rule every child on a bus should follow. A distracted bus driver can lead to reckless driving; you want the driver to have all their attention on the road at all times.
  5. Good behaviour is vital for everyone’s safety while travelling on the bus. A loud environment can be distracting for the driver, thus, it is important to ensure that every child on the bus is well-mannered and quiet for the duration of the trip.

School Bus Seats

School Bus Seats are made with the greatest quality, as well as being the most comfortable on the market. This means that kids can remain seated for the duration of their trip on the bus. We pride ourselves on the long list of special features our bus seats have.  With a focus on safety, our bus seats are perfect for your child’s daily commute. We know that travelling with children can be difficult, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best possible products, so you can feel confident when sending your child off on the bus.

Our Bus Seat Features

  • Rear Kick Board
  • Side Cover
  • Adjustable INJ. armrest on the aisle side
  • Recline Backrest
  • Lateral Seat Adjustment
  • Pipe Armrest
  • Fixed Backrest
  • Backrest Cover
  • Crossword Grip
  • Seatbelts
  • Newspaper Rack
  • Service Tablet
  • Footrest
  • LCD Monitor

1) Sege Seatbelts: one of the most important features in any vehicle, seat belts keep children secure and safe in the event of an accident. All Sege Seats come equipped with lap and shoulder belts for optimum safety.

2) Side-impact Protection: many accidents happen when vehicles collide with each other head-on. However, side-impact collisions are also very common, accounting for about 25% of all crashes. To help protect students from these types of accidents, many new buses have side-impact protection systems built-in. These systems use crumple zones and airbags to help dissipate the energy of an impact, keeping children safe even in the event of a side collision.

3) Rear-facing Seats: until recently, all seats on a bus were forward-facing. However, research has shown that rear-facing seats are much safer for children than forward-facing seats. Studies have shown that children are up to five times safer when riding in a rear-facing seat. All Sege Seats are designed to accommodate both forward and rear-facing seats, so you can choose what is best for your child.

With the added feature of seatbelts on bus seats, your child’s safety is guaranteed. However, seat belts on a bus are not always necessary. To determine whether your bus requires seat belts, refer to our pros and cons bullet points below.

Seat Belts Pros

  • It improves behaviour in school bus
  • Provides safety to children
  • Keeps children in place during impact

Seat Belts Cons

  • School buses have excellent safety records. Hence, one is only seen as an expenditure
  • Drivers cannot be expected to police the proper use of seat belts
  • Seat belts can be used as a weapon if a dispute occurs between students
  • Seat belts may be a hindrance in case of events like fire or an earthquake

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We continue to provide development and sustainability in the Automotive Seat manufacturing and supply process with innovative and technological changes to provide our clients with the ultimate quality and comfort which is our achievement. We manufacture bus seats for every type of bus. We have a wide variety of bus seats to fit almost any bus. The materials and features used in our bus seats are made to withstand the everyday wear and tear of public transportation. The team at Sege Seats is dedicated to providing you with the best possible product so that you can feel confident when sending your child off on the bus.

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