Can You Modify Existing Boat Seats To Add Storage?

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Been there, done that! Every boatie knows the struggle. You shove in life jackets, tackle boxes, sunscreen – everything but the kitchen sink – just to head out for a fun day. But what if you didn’t have to play Tetris with your gear? What if you could transform those boring old seats into secret stash spots?

Yep, you heard right! Modifying your existing seats for storage is a total game-changer. This guide will ditch the cramped vibes and dive into the world of seat-based storage solutions!

Are your existing boat seats modifiable for storage?

Before you grab your power tools, there’s a quick check-up. Here’s what to consider:

  • Seat stuff: Are your seats solid wood or fibreglass? These are your modding besties. Upholstered ones are trickier but possible!
  • Space age: Measure that precious under-seat real estate. How much storage do you need? Remember, comfort is critical, so don’t go overboard!
  • Access all areas: Consider how you’ll grab your gear. Hinged lids are fantastic, but simple compartments work fine.

What storage options can you add to your boat seats?

Rows of white boat seats with red handles are arranged in a spacious and orderly manner on a boat. The image showcases a clean, organized seating area with ample room, emphasizing the potential for modifying these boat seats to add convenient storage solutions.

The beauty of DIY mods is you can customise them to your boating style. Here are some popular picks:

  • Built-in lockers: The classic choice for stashing bigger stuff like life jackets or fishing rods.
  • Under-seat drawers: These are lifesavers for keeping things organised. Tackle boxes, sunscreen, snacks—they all have a happy home here.
  • Flip-top seat saviours: This space-saving option hinges at the front, creating a hidden storage compartment under the cushion. Genius!
  • Removable seat inserts: Think Lego blocks for your boat! Create inserts that fit snugly within the existing frame. Lift them out for easy access to your hidden stash.

A clean boat is a happy boat, mate! Gear all organised in its spot means boat maintenance basics are much more manageable. No more untangling fishing lines or mopping up rogue sunscreen spills. More time for smooth sailing and sunshine!

DIY boat seat storage modifications: A step-by-step guide

Ready to unleash your inner boat-modder? Here’s an essential guide to transforming your seats into storage champions (remember, specific steps might change depending on your design):

  1. Plan it out, matey!: Sketch your masterpiece and measure that space like a pro.
  2. Gather your crew (materials): Wood, hinges, screws, marine-grade sealant (keeps things waterproof!), and maybe some boat seat upholstery (if needed).
  3. Free the seats: Carefully detach the seats from your boat, remembering how they were attached (this is important for later!).
  4. Cut and craft: Following your plan, cut the wood pieces for your chosen storage solution. Think of yourself as a boat-seat sculptor!
  5. Hardware: Install hinges, latches, or whatever you need to access your secret storage compartment.
  6. Seal the deal (optional): Using wood? Apply that marine-grade sealant to keep moisture at bay. You can also reupholster the seat for a spiffy finish.
  7. Return of the seats!: Reinstall your modified masterpieces and return them to their rightful place on your boat.

Safety first! When wielding power tools or working with wood, always prioritise safety. Goggles and gloves are your friends!

Can you hire a professional to modify your boat seats for storage?

If the whole DIY thing isn’t your cup of tea, that’s cool. There are plenty of skilled marine upholsterers and boat modification specialists out there who can handle the job for you. They’ll have the expertise and tools to create a custom storage solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing boat seats.

They can turn your boring old seats into storage superstars! Plus, they’ll have a cooler stash of materials and fancy tools than you do at home, so your new seats will be super strong and last forever. Hiring a pro might cost more depending on how fancy you want to get, but think of it as buying yourself more boating fun! 

Best boat seats with storage: Considerations for buying new

If modifying your current seats isn’t an option, consider investing in new ones with built-in storage. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Storage superpower: How much gear do you need to hide away? Choose seats with compartments that can handle it all.
  • Style and fit: Remember your boat’s snazzy looks! Finding boat seats that maximise storage can level up the whole vibe. But remember, you have to ensure they fit snugly in that spot, too!
  • Material magic: Choose marine-grade materials like vinyl or plastic. They’re durable and easy to clean (necessary after a day of fun in the sun!).
  • Comfy captain: Don’t sacrifice comfort for storage! Ensure the seats offer good back support and cushioning for long adventures on the water.

The takeaway: More space, more fun!

Adding storage to your boat, whether you pimp out your old seats or snag some new ones with compartments built-in, is a total game-changer! It’s like magic – suddenly, everything has a place, and your boat stays in its ship shape. Imagine cruising on the water, knowing exactly where your sunscreen is when the sun gets crazy!

A clean boat means more space to chill and enjoy the good vibes. No more tripping over tackle boxes or life jackets – just smooth sailing (literally!) and sunshine.

Calling all seat seekers: Set sail with Sege Seats!

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, “This all sounds great, but where do I even find boat seats with storage?” we’ve got you covered! At Sege Seats, we’re passionate about creating top-notch boat seating solutions.

We offer a wide range of styles and designs, so you’ll find something that perfectly complements your boat and boating lifestyle. Plus, our seats are crafted with premium materials that can handle the elements – no worries about sun damage or getting soaked in a rogue wave.

So, ditch the storage struggles and upgrade your boat with Sege Seats! We’re confident we’ve got the perfect boat seats with storage to transform your boating experience from cluttered chaos to an organised oasis.

Now, get out there and make some waves!

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