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Sege Special Dismo

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ADR-68 Approved
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260mm. – 3.35 kg.

280mm. – 3.45 kg.

Techincal Specifications

260mm. – 3.35 kg.

280mm. – 3.45 kg.

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Sege Seats Core Deliverables

Modern Design

High Quality

Ultra Comfort

Dedicated Support

100% Deliverable

Internationally Recognised

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ADR-68 Approved

All Sege Seats are Australian Standards ADR-68 Approved.

ECE Approved

All Sege Seats European United Nations Standards ECE Approved.

Sege Seats (Asia Pacific) is your verified quality supplier source of High Quality Sege Seats to the Asia Pacific Region namely (Australia, New Zealand, North America, Brazil, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia).

Sega Seats is a manufacturer of passenger seats for commercial vehicles in the Automotive industry with its key focus on Buses.