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Coach Seats Supplier


Coach Seats Supplier


Coach Seats Supplier


Coach Seats Supplier


Coach Seats Supplier

Coach Seats Supplier

Sege Seats is recognized for cutting edge design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality bus and coach seating. So, our solutions maximize passengers’ personal space and, through intelligent design, they optimize every inch of the automobile. Therefore, offering innovative designs and development along with working closely with our customers. Also, we have a proven track record of supplying quality, industry compliant passenger bus seating to an extensive collection of market sectors. In addition, all our passenger bus seats offer strength, safety, comfort and style for your passenger and commercial bus seating requirements.

Furthermore, utilising many years of experience in the passenger bus seating market and an excellent attention to detail. So, we understand the importance of consulting with customers in order to guarantee their requirements are met with the design, manufacture and delivery of our products. Also, all meets the stringent criteria of industry standards. So, our range of seats are designed, developed and manufactured at our production facilities and meticulously tested to industry standards. Hence, investment in research and development allows us to continually meet and exceed the industry standard and improve the products we engineer.

Since, Sege Seats is achieving this success while remaining an innovative and client oriented company. So, it is a testament to the quality of our products and the integrity and service of our dedicated team. Hence, Our commitments to quality and safety have made Sege Seats the major force and market leader in the extremely specialised area of passenger transport seating. So, for a worldclass bus and coach seat, contact Sege Seats now.

Our Factory / Showroom

Also, Sege Seats is your verified quality supplier source of High Quality Sege Seats to the Asia Pacific Region. Also, facilities include professional engineering and design personnel.

Most noteworthy, Sega Seats is an manufacturer of passenger seats for commercial vehicles in the Automotive industry with its key focus on Buses. So, we are one of the leading bus seat supplier in Australia.

ADR-68 Approved

In addition, all Sege Seats are Australian Standards ADR-68 Approved. So, our products and components are certified and recognised. Finally, we are globally competitive in this industry.

Sege Seats. Supplier of Quality and Comfort!

Production of Seats per month
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Countries Supplied Worldwide
ADR-68 Approved

Sege Seats Core Deliverables

Modern Design

So, today’s bus seat boasts all the modern features and designs.

High Quality

Also, high quality seat belted seats with a wide range of different designs.

Ultra Comfort

In addition, comfort and quality that most travellers would expect.

Dedicated Support

Above all, Sege Seats provides quality and reliable service support.

100% Deliverable

Another, latest in production techniques allow us to offer far superior products.

Internationally Recognised

Lastly, we aim to be a globally competitive supplier to all aspects of seating industry.

Test Drive Today

So, visit Our Sydney Showroom Today, and see for yourself how Sege Seats “QUALITY is not only a FOCUS but an ACHIEVEMENT”